Real Estate

What do we do?

We’ll help your property shine in its best light. “Sales through brilliant media” is our line, and we’ll have a Steady State representative meet you at an agreed-upon time and place to document your property in photo, videos, or both. We offer unbeatable rates, discounts for multiple bookings, and a 24-hour turnaround on all materials.

What exactly am I getting?

With video, you’ll receive two copies of a ‘virtual tour’ of the property. These videos are identical except for the beginning and ending text: one copy is branded and ready for use on all majour MLS websites; the other is marked with your and our company’s personal information and can be used on your own Youtube channel or independent website. View a completed demo:

With photos, you’ll receive between 30 and 40 (on average) photos of the property, landscape-orientation, perfect for use in print media or on the WVMLS website. They are unmarked; we don’t put our logo or information on them, and you are free to use them as you wish. Check out a couple of galleries:

Gallery #1
Gallery #2

Also included in photos are 2 360-degree panoramas.

What’s involved?

After setting up the shooting appointment and finalizing details, our crew (usually one person) will meet you at the property, or previously-discussed location. We’ll tour the place, checking out angles and lighting, and then go to work. Contingent upon size, it takes us approximately one hour to complete both photo and video, or about half an hour for just one. Once we’re finished, we pack up and say farewell. Most of our regular brokers just leave us a key or house code and don’t even need to show up to supervise!

When do I receive the material?

Our turnaround is one day, twenty-four hours, from time of shooting. You have materials by the next day at the latest.

How are the materials delivered?

Easiest for us is to compress the photos and video files in to a .zip file, host it in our server, and e-mail you the link. After opening the link, the file will automatically download; all you need do is unzip it and you’ll have everything available to you. The download takes, on average, 5 minuets on a high-speed connection.

How much does all this cost?

For photos and video under 3000sq/ft $135 ($50 for 3k+).
For photo or video under 3000sq/ft, $85 (25 for 3k+).
If you have multiple locations in the same general vicinity that we can arrange to shoot consecutively, we do offer a discount. Additionally, commit to booking three properties with us at once and receive photo & video for all three for just $325, or only photo or video for $200!

How and when do I pay?

You don’t pay us until you have everything and are satisfied. We accept check or credit/debit card.

If you have any further questions, please call or e-mail us today! We can help move your property faster and for more by making it look as appealing as possible!