In addition to our amazing video & photography packages, we offer a host of add-ons to really make your day memorable. Take a look through our list of extras and see if anything strikes your fancy! Please note that some of our packages may include some of these already; if you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to ask!


Guest Commentary / Interviews ($50)

We’ll take our fancy reporter’s microphone around to guests during your reception and get as many as possible to say hello on camera, and include them as a portion in your edited video! The perfect way to solicit meaningful congratulations (or embarrassing stories) from a number of people on your big day.

 Slideshow ($100) & Projector + Screen ($75)

Send us a bunch of your digital photos – usually the both of you as kids, then your dating years – and we’ll craft it into a slideshow, set to music and a duration of your choice. This is a great idea to play during your reception, giving guests a glimpse at the fun times you’ve had and shared. We can also do scanning of printed materials.

4K upgrade (varies per wedding, starts at $500)

Got that UltraHD 4K tv? Want to see your wedding in the highest definition available? Your blu-Ray will look even better with our high quality downsampling technology. True UHD will be available to you as a digital copy as a free upgrade with this option.

Additional videographer ($150 / hr @ two-hour minimum)

A second videographer allows for such a richer, more in-depth video. The addition of a second videographer, if only for a couple of hours, allows for so much more of the goings-on: more guests, more happenings, more everything. Also, a second angle allows for diversity of angles in the ceremony, first dances, or other important events!

Same-day Edit ($400)

If we’re at your wedding all day, by the time the reception rolls around we’ll have racked up a good amount of footage. Oftentimes we can take the highlights from this earlier material and cut it into a ‘teaser reel’ of what’s just happened that morning! Impress your reception guests with a quick re-cap of your wedding day; chances are they might even see themselves in it.

Additional unmanned ceremony camera ($125)

While not quite the equivalent of an actual videographer, an unmanned camera angle at your ceremony allows for a much more diverse rendition of your ceremony. We’ll bring in the equipment, set it up, and strategically use it throughout your ceremony, giving your edited video a more polished look and more memorable feel.

Family and Guest interviews/commentary ($75)

If not already included in your package, this option involves us going around to tables during your reception, with our superb wireless mic setup, and coaxing your friends and family to talk to the camera. WHAT they say is up to them, and we have no control over who is and isn’t willing to talk to us (alcohol helps!), but we’re very good at getting a few words from even the most resistant folks. Makes a great segment in your wedding DVD, especially years down the road!

Rush editing ($250)

Our standard turnaround for a wedding video is ten to twelve weeks. Don’t want to wait that long? With rush editing you’ll receive your video in two to three weeks, depending on complexity; two weeks for a single-camera shoot, three weeks for anything larger. If you need your wedding within a week, let’s talk.

Subtitles (starting at $150)

Whether it’s just a speech or a song, or the entire wedding film, we can subtitle or translate your wedding into another language.

blu-Ray upgrade ($25)

Your video is being shot in high-definition; if you have a blu-Ray player, why not take advantage of the best HD has to offer? We’ll master your video in blu-Ray and provide you with a disc for maximum viewing quality.

Additional blu-Ray disc ($15)

Additional DVD ($10)

Although realistically, 5 come with any package already, and if you need just one or two more, we’ll always include those for free.

Highlights video ($250)

You’ll want to share your wedding with everyone who wasn’t (or was) there, but not everyone will have the time or patience to sit through your sixty-minute wedding video. So have us cut your video down to a quick highlights reel! It’s something everyone can appreciate – and find time for. This video will have extra editing done to polish it up and make it look more cinematic, and we’ll include the audio from your ceremony for an especially personalized touch. Similar to the look and length of our current wedding demos, found here.

Facebook or Youtube highlights ($50 & requires a highlight video upgrade)

We’ll take that highlights video of yours and turn it into a web-friendly, ready-to-upload file for you to share with friends and family online (or we can host it on our fb or yt account and send you the link; it’ll remain up as long as those services exist). Some caveats apply; please inquire if interested.

Love story interview ($350)

Sometime prior to your wedding date, we’ll set up a time with the two of you to get together and record your story. We’ll ask a series of questions about how you met, who proposed, etc., and edit it together into a cute and fun quick video commemorating your time together up to the wedding. Included as a separate option on your wedding DVD as well as an downloadable video file.

Photo booth (starts at $550)

Exactly what it sounds like. Includes up to 3 hours of unlimited color/black and white prints, customized photo strips, a copy of all the digital images, and an attendant to man the booth for the duration.

Fireball cam ($125)

We’ll provide the giant bottle of whiskey, the camera, and make a few-minute montage of your guests getting progressively sloshed. You provide the crazy group.

Guest/Personal videos (varies, starts at $100)

Did your guests get some great cell phone video? Maybe you got some cool shots on your honeymoon? Get all your friends’ and family videos in one spot and send them to us, and we’ll include them as a separate, playable option on your finished dvd and bluray!

Digital delivery drive ($125 if we provide the drive; $50 if you do)

We’ll include all your raw footage AND HD renders of your finished film on a flash drive or hard drive.

Engagement session ($250, or $150 if booking a package)

Several weeks before your wedding, months if available, we’ll head out with you to a destination of your choosing and spend an hour or two with you, capturing hundreds of beautiful photos of you and your love. These will be provided to you on a DVD.

Enlarged prints (starting at $50)

Let us take a few photos of your choice and super-size them for display at your ceremony or reception. We can do just about any size, although the most commonly seleted is 24×36, and these make a wonderful novelty item – or, perhaps something a little more practical; have your guests sign a bordered print and it’ll become something you’ll cherish forever!

Highlights DVD w/ slideshow ($200)

You receive a DVD copy of all the photos taken at your wedding with any package we do. This option takes it a step further: we’ll pull out the best of the best, re-touch these, and present them to you on a separate disc. Number will vary based on how many total pictures taken, but this is usually at least 100 photos, each individually and attentively modified to look its absolute best. Additionally, we’ll set them all to a couple songs of your choice, creating a 10-15 minute highlights/recap of your day, told by photos.

Printed photo albums (starting at $150)

We offer elegant, sophisticated print books of your favorite photos in multiple sizes and lengths. This is the kind of coffee-top volume you’ll show off to friends and relatives, and they’ll all “ooh” and “ahh” over your unique, personalized book of all the best pictures from your wedding. We can even do this if we aren’t your primary photographers! Contact us for pricing on sizes and lengths.