Wedding packages – 2018 rates (email for 2019)

This page is separated into two categories: video and photo (listed beneath the video packages). If you’re looking for just one or the other, you’re all set! Just find the package that fits your needs (and if none do, we’ll make one up!), check out our add-ons page, and you’re good to go.

Combination Packages

We do a lot of dual-media (pictures & video) weddings, and it’s great to have a team that’s worked together countless times overseeing the capture of your big day. We encourage you to pick a video package, select a photo package, then take 20% off the total as our way of saying thanks for choosing us to handle everything! Alternatively, consider our Floater package: 1 dedicated videographer, 1 dedicated photographer, and 1 “floater” – someone alternating between photo and video. This package allows us to offer a little better video and more photos than our conventional package combinations, while saving you some money!


All packages listed below come standard with at least two cameras, guaranteeing superior coverage, and a wireless lav setup, ensuring your vows ring just as true in your DVD as they did in your ears that day.

Package I – The Works – $3300

Start to finish coverage (within 24-hour period)
6 cameras / 3 operators
*4K footage
*Wireless audio & DJ hookups (when applicable) for crystal-clear vows & speeches
*Full-length wedding film (60-90 minutes but can vary)
*Elegant, custom-designed DVD label and case
Quick highlights reel (2-4m, on your DVD and web version)
Long-form highlights reel (8-12m, on your DVD and web version)
Extended family/guest interviews/comments
Up to 6 blu-Ray or DVD copies (or a mix)
Downloadable HD versions of each film
Includes special cinematic equipment and posed-shot session (ask about this — it’s pretty awesome)
*these elements are included in every package listed below as well

This is it. This is the end-all, be-all of wedding video. This is what other companies work toward and what so many of them charge twice as much for. For this package we’ll show up when you want and leave when you’re done, and do all sorts of awesome stuff in between. Suffice it to say we pull out all the stops here. We only do a handful of these packages a year, doing one a month during our busy season, as they require an extensive amount of planning and preparation, but the result is always, always worth it. Please contact us for details regarding this package, as there’s just too much to list (and I, Jason, get really excited when telling people about it, so I’d rather do it that way)!

Package II – Heirloom – $2200

7 Hours On-Site
4 camera ceremony / 2 operators
Guest/Family interviews & comments
Full-length feature video
Quick highlights video (2-4m, on your DVD & web version)
Add a love story interview for $350!

This package delivers just about everything you could want from a wedding. We give you access to at least five or six professional cameras for your ceremony and at least two for the rest of the day, and two experienced operators to make everything run brilliantly. Every detail is caught; nothing is missed. You’ll re-live your wedding day again and again any time you wish with our Heirloom package.

Package III – Keepsake – $1800

5 Hours On-site
5 cameras (for ceremony) / 2 operators
Wireless audio, ceremony
Family Interviews / Comments (we’ll go around and make people say things to/about you!)
Medium edited feature w/ blu-Ray upgrade
Quick highlights reel (2-4m, on your wedding DVD) + web-friendly video to upload to your Facebook or Youtube
Add an assistant for just $150!

Keepsake picks up where others leave off. It gives you hours of uninterrupted coverage with two professional videographers, allowing you exacting detail and documentation of your big day. A video from two videographers is a much more polished, fleshed-out product, full of alternating angles and exciting cuts that play along much as a real movie would. This delivers a comprehensive look-back at your entire event, and with the family interviews and commentary, we add in guest and family comments, preserving the well-wishes and advice from those you love for all time. Finally, you receive a specialized version of your highlights video, all prepped for uploading to your Facebook or Youtube account (or ours!).

Package IV – Memento – $1600

7 Hours On-site
3 cameras / 1 operator
Wireless audio, ceremony
Medium edited feature (usually 60-75 minutes, but can vary)
Add a slideshow & projector rental for $200!

Memento builds on simplicity in both time and elegance, adding several hours to the overall coverage. This results in a longer, better-looking video, and a quick “highlights” video, basically a couple-minute recap of all the major points of your wedding, is assembled, touched up, and put online for you (or delivered to you) to share with friends and family.

Package V – Simplicity – $1300

Five hours on-site
3 cameras for main events / 1 operator
Short, fully-edited feature (usually 45-60 minutes, but can vary)
Shot in high definition video
Wireless audio for ceremony & speeches
Simple DVD label and case
Downloadable preview copy
Add a highlights film for just $150!

Simplicity is exactly that: applying the simple efficiency of one professional videographer and a trained assistant to your event. You’ll receive three gorgeously-edited videos in standard-size DVD cases, perfect for the basic commemorative wedding video.
Package VI – The Basics – $700

Package VI – The Basics

Three hours on-site
2 cameras / 1 operator
Raw footage only, two copies provided
Simple DVD label and case
add editing for just $350 (Comes with 2 DVD’s and a digital preview copy)!


(samples here)
All packages include a DVD (sometimes more than one) of edited images, as well as online gallery hosting for up to 1 year; send this link to anyone and they can select as many pictures from your wedding to download as they want, free of charge. Additionally, no watermarks or copyrights on the finished photos means no annoying clutter on your images!

Package I – $2800

Ten hours on-site
Two photographers
Engagement session (1-3 hours, unlimited locations)
Large bound album (12″ x 12″, includes up to 100 photos of your choosing)

Package II – $2100

Seven hours on-site
Two photographers
Engagement session (1-2 hours, 2 locations)

Package III – $1750

Five hours on-site
Two photographers
$100 off engagement shoot (ordinarily $250)

Package IV – $1400

Seven hours on-site
One photographer

Package V – $1,200

Five hours on-site
One photographer
Add an assistant for just $100!