Ballet & Graduation Order Forms

If you are looking for information about the 2017 Oregon Connections Academy graduation, please download the form and check it over. If you have any additional questions, send us a message and we’ll get back to you! The photos are online at this address.

Please find the performances you’d like to order below. You may use Paypal to check out directly, download an order form to mail a check, or phone us directly at (503) 930-8260 for a debit or credit purchase. Use the contact form on the right to reach us with any questions!

Previous orders of any show are $20 apiece. Find a complete list of available performances below each Paypal button.

Sleeping Beauty order form. (right click & save as)

ABA’s Sleeping Beauty 2017

American Ballet Academy – Sleeping Beauty

I’d like to order…
Email us for previous shows!

Past shows available
Nutcracker 2011 – 2016
Peter Pan
Snow White
The Wizard of Oz
Alice in Wonderland

YMCA’s Dancing Down Main Street (June 3rd 2017)

Dancing Down Main Street (June 3 2017) (right click & save as)

MI IDC’s Dancing Down Main Street (June 10 2017)

MI IDC’s Dancing Down Main Street (June 10th, 2017) (right click & save as)

Past shows available
Dancing Across the USA
Tooned In
Once Upon a Dance
Seasons of Dance
Twice Upon a Dance

ORCA Graduation (June 10 2017)

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2017 ORCA order form available here.

ORCA photos here

Graduation ceremonies & photos from 2011 onward available


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